(A&E) Negligence Claims

Accident and Emergency (A&E) Negligence Claims

Accessing high-quality medical care during emergencies is a crucial component of the UK healthcare system. Accident and Emergency (A&E) departments in hospitals across the country are designed to cater to patients suffering from serious or life-threatening injuries or illnesses. However, with over 1.75 million patients visiting the A&E department every month, it is also the busiest and potentially the most error-prone division of the healthcare system.

While most patients receive quality medical care and attention when seeking treatment for critical injuries or illnesses in the A&E department, some are not as fortunate. Due to the chaotic nature of the department, patients are at risk of experiencing A&E negligence, resulting in additional injuries or illnesses due to inadequate care, misdiagnosis, or undiagnosed issues. Despite the fast-paced environment, patients are entitled to the best possible medical care. When this is not provided, patients may have grounds for an A&E claim to cover their financial losses and restore peace of mind.


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