Cancer Negligence Claims

Cancer Negligence Claims

If you suspect that your doctor made an error in diagnosing your cancer, you can file a claim with Express Solicitors immediately on a “no win, no fee” basis. According to research, at least one previous diagnosis was incorrect for 40% of UK cancer patients. If cancer is not detected early, it may spread, reducing the patient’s remaining life expectancy. False claims of a cancer diagnosis may result in improper treatment, which could further harm your health. If you believe that your doctor was negligent, start your cancer misdiagnosis claim right away, with no risk or cost to you.

May I file a lawsuit because my cancer was incorrectly diagnosed?

            A case for medical malpractice may be established if your doctor made a belated diagnosis or acted carelessly while treating your cancer. If you can prove that the healthcare provider’s negligence worsened your condition, you may file a claim for damages associated with a cancer misdiagnosis.

I was misdiagnosed with cancer; how much money am I entitled to?

            Each case of cancer misdiagnosis is unique, and there is no set amount for compensation. In cases where breast cancer is not detected in its early stages, the survival rate for women may be significantly greater. Negligence can have fatal consequences, especially in cases of pancreatic cancer, where survival rates are low. When determining compensation, we take into account both the physical and emotional pain suffered (referred to as “general damages”), any financial losses incurred (known as “special damages,” including lost wages), and the long-term effects of the cancer misdiagnosis. The amount of compensation awarded increases with the severity of the case. For example, if your life expectancy is substantially reduced, the settlement amount will be much larger. In cases of severe injury, settlements can reach six figures. If you require ongoing medical care and have a longer life expectancy, you may be entitled to receive lifelong payments. We will work tirelessly to secure the maximum possible settlement for you. 


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