Hospital negligence

Hospital negligence

Hospital negligence occurs when a patient does not receive adequate care, which may be caused by a hospital or its staff. Medical malpractice occurs when a hospital staff member, such as a doctor or nurse, provides incompetent care that causes harm or worsens the patient’s condition. If a patient believes they have been harmed due to hospital malpractice, they may be entitled to financial compensation for their losses. In the UK, individuals who believe they have suffered harm due to hospital malpractice may have their cases evaluated at no cost. Evidence that may be used in a hospital negligence case includes interaction with medical staff, medical malpractice, patient harm caused by a healthcare worker’s negligence, wrong diagnosis, unsuitable medical care, failure to warn patients of potential dangers, and intentional or accidental harm caused by a hospital.

            Hospitals and their staff are responsible for compensating patients for any harm caused by medical mistakes. Some examples of direct hospital negligence include delayed or inadequate treatment due to staff shortages, using unlicensed or untrained individuals to provide care, and sharing a patient’s private medical records without their consent. Examples of indirect hospital negligence include medical malpractice, birth trauma, incorrect diagnosis, and other similar reasons for wrongful death.


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